July 13, 2011

Old Polls are now closed, New Polls are now up for voting :)

The latest polls are now closed for business and I must say this has been the most everyone has voted! I'm SUPER happy about that :] Thanks to everyone that did vote, but if you haven't voted yet, don't worry there is now two new polls you can vote on, the new polls are on the right-side of the blog :] So the latest poll questions were "Who has the coolest powers?" and "Do you want Red Arrow to join the YJ team?". I voted Aqualad as the one with the coolest powers and I forgot what I voted for dealing with Red Arrow but I will write now that I don't care if Red Arrow stays solo or joins the team cus I just love the show!!! Here are the poll results:

For Who has the coolest powers?...

Aqualad won with 33 votes (35%)
Kid Flash came in second place with 26 votes (27%)
Miss Martian  came in third place with 23 votes (24%)
Superboy came in last with 11 votes (11%)

For Do you want Red Arrow to join the YJ team?...

No, I like him solo! won with 27 votes (38%)
Yes, he would make an awesome teammate came in second with 26 votes (36%)
I don't care, I just love the show! is last place with 18 votes (25%)


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