July 29, 2011

New Young Justice Poster

Danica McKellar, voice actress for Miss Martian, had twitpic the picture of the new Young Justice Poster! I love the way it looks and I'm glad that all the characters are being shown, sometimes Artemis is not shown in pictures. I think it's awesome that Danica had twitpic the poster, so a big thanks to her! If you would like to follow Danica on Twitter, follow her at @danicamckellar. I read that the poster made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con, but sadly I didn't see it, I was probably eating my pretzel and walked right past it! Oh and another thing, if you look closely at the poster, you'll notice that it says New Episodes This Fall! FINALLY Cartoon Network!!! So new episodes in fall...does that mean in September? I hope so! That means we have about a month left till we get new episodes :) I can wait, well I kind of have to since I'm not in control of Cartoon Network. I'm just happy that CN is still going to air YJ and I'm relieved that they didn't cancel the show. Once I find out the exact date that the new YJ episodes will show, I want to make a countdown calendar for the blog :) What do you guys think of the new poster? Do you like it?


  1. Holy Sh** the poster looks AWESOME! :D God, I can't wait for new episodes! It's going to be soooo coool <3 :D Thanks for this blog post! I'm glad to hear that the show's not cancelled either! (:

    - MoR

  2. Hey MoR!
    haha yep! I want that poster so I can hang it up on my wall :) and your welcome, i enjoy bringing the updates! I miss emailing you! Hope everything is ok :)


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