June 11, 2011

Voice Actors for "Targets" (episode 10)

Though the new episode of Young Justice is being pushed back (sadly), I'm still excited about it and I thought it would be cool to show who is doing the voice over work for the characters in episode 10 :) To view more of the Young Justice voice over actors, go here: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/tv-shows/Young-Justice/. Here are the voice actors in the new episode:

Stephanie Lemelin (Artemis)
Danica McKella (Miss Martian)
Nolan North (Superboy)
Jason Spisak (Kid Flash)
Khary Payton (AquaLad)
Jesse McCartney (Robin)

Crispin Freeman (Red Arrow)

Kelly Hu (Chesire)
Keone Young (Sensei)

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