June 24, 2011

To the Young Justice Fans...

Hello fellow blog readers I’m writing this post because I feel extremely grateful right now. I’m sure you are wondering why, well it’s because of all the love and support that I’ve been getting since I started this blog. The first blog post was written March 12, 2011 and ever since then I have set a goal to post something on the blog every day. You all inspire me to make this blog, Young Justice: The blog, better and more entertaining. And for everyone that has allowed me to post their fan fiction stories, their art & photography, their videos, and anything else that they have created THANK YOU SO MUCH! Without you and your creativeness this blog wouldn’t be what it is today. Like I’ve said before, I’m happy that I know that I’m not the only one who loves Young Justice and it’s great to meet people from all over the world that loves Young Justice too. And when I say all over the world I mean it! I’ve talked to people who are fans of Young Justice from New Zealand, Malaysia, Russia, and so much more (if you haven’t already guessed, I’m from the USA). The blog is viewed all around the world which is super exciting, below I will post some of the countries that follow the blog. You might be wondering how the heck I even know who looks at the blog, well I don’t exactly know who might be looking at the blog, but blogger.com does track what country that person lives in, it’s not stalker status, I promise hahaha! But seriously, it’s such a great feeling knowing that people out there are interested in the blog and want to check out what I have posted. Before I even made Young Justice: The Blog I was worried that no one would even look at it and I kept wondering how am I even going to get this off the floor and have viewers, and I must say that all the fans of Young Justice have really helped out! From spreading the word, to posting the link on your homepages, and to making videos promoting Young Justice: The Blog, you all have really helped and I can’t say thank you enough! I’m excited for more Young Justice and I can’t wait to share more awesome things with everyone! Oh and I’m always open to new ideas and if anyone has a suggestion on how to make the blog better, let me know! You can contact me at yjcave_email@yahoo.com. Thanks again YJ friends and I hope this blog satisfies your Young Justice craving and I hope this is a place where YJ fans can enjoy themselves and see what goes on with other YJ fans J

Here are some of the countries that the Young Justice: The Blog has daily views from (sorry if I miss out on any countries, let me know if I did and I will add it to the list!)

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, New Zealand, Philippines, Kenya, Belgium, Japan, China, Austria, Antarctica, Bulgaria, Chile, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Trinidad and Tobago!

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  1. I read 'United States, Canada' and immediately started singing 'Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru'.
    ..Which is like the most popular Animaniacs song on Youtube, btw (Yakko's World).

    Anyway, YOU'RE WELCOME, HUN.


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