June 19, 2011

Old Polls are now closed, New Polls are up!

I love doing these polls because I get to see what other Young Justice fans are thinking and I always get happy when people vote, so I would like to say thank you for taking time out of your schedule to vote, means a lot to me :) So the last poll questions were "Should Robin have a romance with someone in future episodes?" and "Who is your Personality-Twin?". Here is what YJ fans around the world have voted:

For Should Robin have a romance with someone in future episodes?...

  • Maybe later, he's too young right now - is the winner! with 38 votes (55%)
  • No! He should focus on being a hero - second place with 18 votes (26%)
  • Yes! That would be awesome - last place with 13 votes (18%)

For Who is your Personality-Twin...

  • Artemis and Robin - both tied, they are the winners with 20 votes each (32%)
  • Kid Flash - in second place with 8 votes (12%)
  • Aqualad - third place with 6 votes (9%)
  • Miss Martian and Superboy - tied in last place with 4 votes each (6%)

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