May 27, 2011

Fan Fiction

I love reading and I think everyone should read lol! OK, I'll stop sounding like a teacher, which I-AM-NOT!. Well I got some new fan fiction stories for everyone to check out, right below this paragraph. I've been posting fan fiction recommendations, to see the older ones just go to the bottom of the blog and click the link "older". If you like these stories below, favorite them and the authors.And don't forget to leave a review!

1.)"Nail Polish Necessities" written by Fan Fiction author realizations. This story revolves around M'gann and Artemis. There's a lot of friendship and humor going on and I really enjoyed reading it! The last part of the story is really funny! To read the story, click the link:

2.)"M'gann's Earthly Encounters" written by Fan Fiction author SingOutLoudForever. I'm really glad I can post the link to this story because it's great! This is a really cute and awesome story. Also the author is also one of the artists for "Ninja Brigade"! To read the story, click the link:

3.)"Paranoid" written by Fan Fiction author KrC. This one-shot story is very emotional. I found myself feeling even more connected to Robin and understanding his character even more. It was well written and I love the whole story idea, I really recommend people to read this! To read, click the link:

4.)"Band Geek" written by Fan Fiction author T-Bone14. This story is really funny and I kept smiling while I reading it. I can truly see these events that happened in the story, actually happening in the cartoon series. Great story idea and if your into reading about friendship, read this one! To read, click the link:

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