May 11, 2011

Fan Art

"Young Justice Robin Plush" created by DeviantART user rosey-so-silly. She is sooo talented! I mean it must be hard to make this, and rosey-so-silly did a great job! I really love it and I'm thinking of buying one from her :) The detail of the plush is just right on spot, so amazing! To view more of rosey-so-silly's art, go to her homepage:

"Sing To Me" created by DeviantART user EmotionalBonds. When I cam across this art on the DeviantArt website, I fell in love with it :) This is such a cute art piece with Robin and the little birdy, plus the drawing and colors are very beautiful too :) To view more of EmotionalBonds's art, go to her homepage:

"To The Surface" created by DeviantART user ninja-doodler. This is another art piece I fell in love with. First off, I like anything that shows AquaLad (he doesn't get a lot of love) and just look at the colors and the way the style is! Simply Beautiful!!! To view more of ninja-doodle's art go to her homepage:

"The Water Boy" created by DeviantART user tovio911. Another great AquaLad masterpiece! tovio911 is very artistic and I just love the colors (oh so vibrant) and I like the way AquaLad was drawn too. There's a lot of details in this art piece and I think that it shows how creative he (tovio911) is! To view more of tovio911's art go to his homepage:

" Young Justice Poster" created by DeviantART user toddoss. I wish I had this poster! This art piece is super cool and I love how the characters look, especially Artemis, I think she looks total bad ass! I think DC comics/Cartoon Network should make this their official Young Justice poster!! To view more of toddoss's art, go to his homepage:

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