April 10, 2011

Young Justice Art

OK so in the older posts that I wrote (to check the older posts, go to the bottom of the page and click "older"), I mentioned how not only am i going to post videos and fan fiction stories but I want to start posting fan art. It took me awhile to start posting fan art, and i apologize for that. Anyways.... Here is the first ever fan art posting on this blog! If you would like to have your art featured on the blog, I would most gladly post it, just message me :) Also to get a better view of the photos, just click on them or visit the artists page, which I have posted a link too. ENJOY!

This art is made by deviantART user 1930s-secret. I loved the fact that you can really get the characters personality and what most likely would happen between them ;). When I first saw the photo I had a huge smile on my face because I L-O-V-E ARTEMIS & WALLY, plus I'm happy that Artemis is pinning down Wally ;) To see more art from 1930s-secret, go to her deviantArt page : http://1930s-secret.deviantart.com/

I thought this art was sooo clever and really tells the truth! This artist should be a spokesperson for healthy living! But I really love the art and I was laughing the whole time while I was reading the dialogue. The photo is made by deviantART user mizz-ninja, and to check out more of her art go to her deviantArt page: http://mizz-ninja.deviantart.com/.

AHHH this is sooo cute :D (sorry for my girlish attitude) but really though, it's awesome! I'm always happy when people catch the dialogue between the characters, why do i get happy about that? I don't know lol! Anyways, this art is created by deviantART user Drakyx and to look at more art from the user go to: http://drakyx.deviantart.com/

AHAHAHAHA! LOVE IT! This art was hilarious to me! When i saw this I was like ok I need to have this on the blog, stat! I really like the facial expression on superboy and the caption goes great with him :) This photo is made by deviantArt user Misaki-arisu and to look at more of her art go to her deviantART page: http://misaki-arisu.deviantart.com/

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